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  • Welcome to Survive game beta testing!

    Short version - do this to join:

    To start receiving (somewhat) stable new beta versions of the Survive game, do the following steps:

    (1) Please visit the following link and follow the instructions:


    (2) That’s pretty much it! Once approved, you should be able to download new version via google play (or your phone might automatically update it).

    Notice: Only the first 2000 people will be able to join the open beta.

    Feel free to join these forums to contribute:

    If you wish to contribute ideas, bug reports, feature suggestions or other feedback, please join our community forums here at

    http://survive.invisionzone.com/ (Password to sign-up is: JUUSO)

    Long version: Feel free to join to test the beta versions

    I’ve been developing the game with a help of small private community (about 150 members) but as the Survive game community and playerbase is growing I’m moving into 3 stages of releases:

    - Unstable/development versions go first to closed beta testing group (no new members currently accepted, I will announce via twitter @sandbaydev or here when I approve new members). This group can get multiple versions per week.

    - Somewhat stable versions go to Open beta group. These versions are more tested and maybe possible to have one release per max 1-2 weeks or so.

    - Stable versions go to Google play. These versions are most tested and appear once per 1-2 months.

    Open beta community is limited to max 2000 players.

    I’ll start with that. This type of open beta testing is new to me so I’ll start small and grow from there as needed. Today, the maximum number of open beta testers is 2000.

    Discussion forums now being tested

    I’ve opened discussion forums for reporting bugs and suggesting features and so on. This is an experimental test, and I might close the forums tomorrow if I see that it’s too much hassle to maintain. 

    My main priority of work is to use the very limited time I have to develop the game, not to maintain forums. We’ll see how this goes.

    Thank you for your support,


    May 12, 2016

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